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Empowerment for the Weird, Magical, and Intuitive
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Amber Serpent

Magic, Healing, and Spiritual Badassery


"...Being Exposed to the skill, grace, and expert technique Gullveig brings to her students has been a tremendous gift... She is a true guide for the new wave of gifted individuals who are seeking themselves and their own power." 

Michael Sclafani / Founder: Crystal Queer 

"My personal experience and teaching with Gullveig brought me into my own personal power as a goddess. With a deeper unraveling of my own magic and understanding of my Spirit/animal guides, I have found healing and have stepped out into the world as Indigo Sky, bringing the gifts and talents to young women with PTSD... Oh, and I'm a badass."

Indigo Sky / Healer & Intuitive Guide


Meet Gullveig

Gullveig has created the Amber Serpent to meet the specific needs of the growing empathic global tribe that is emerging... The strange, magical, intuitive folks and wounded warrior-healers. She has empowered hundreds of energetically & psychically sensitive individuals reveal and define for themselves who their inner Spiritual Badass is. Her work focuses on love and acceptance of the whole self and empowering clients and students to transform an existence that can feel mundane to one that is magical.

(Click here for more on what is an empath, and a fun quiz to help discern if you are one) 

Some of her business-y qualifications include:

-E-RYT 500, Advanced Yoga Teacher

-800 hour Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner Diploma from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, studied under Mary Bruce 


-Certified Yoga Nidra (sleep-based meditation) Teacher, studied under Kamini Desai.

-Reiki Master-Teacher practice, combining polarity energy healing and shamanic techniques, specializing in ancestral healing, soul/parts integration, and chakra balancing. Reiki training from Elizabeth Titelle.

-Chakra and Advanced Energetic Anatomy Teacher


-Intuitive Guide: Channel, Rune Reading and Tarot Reading


-Intuitive Guidance Teacher (Yep, you can learn this stuff!) 

-Yoga and Meditation practice for 20 years

-Self-taught metaphysical, tantric, magical, witchy, wierdo who has combined techniques from a variety of traditions to help others embrace their own Spiritual Badass.


Gettin' to know Gullveig:

 As a child, Gullveig often had psychic experiences that no one could explain, including spontaneous astral projection, feeling the emotional and physical sensations of others, and clairvoyance ("seeing" things that are not visible to the physical eyes, such as entities and energy, among other things).

As an adult, Gullveig tried to put these childhood experiences away and embrace what she perceived as "normal." Her sensitive system revolted this "normalizing" with chronic symptoms of anxiety and depression; the more she tried to ignore her gifts, and deny her heart's desire to follow an unconventional career path, the more difficult life became and eventually she lost nearly everything. It was time to give up just being magically-curious and walk the path of Spiritual Badassery. For those who walk this path, it includes nothing less then unconditional self-love, an exploration of how to use one's sensitivities as gifts, defining for yourself what authentic personal empowerment entails, and bringing this together to manifest the authentic desires of the heart.

What she has found for herself and from working with hundreds of other empaths is that integrating all parts of ourselves is the #1 most healing and empowering thing we can do. From nearly two decades of study, teaching, and experience, she has created the Amber Serpent as a pathway to take the empath from surviving to thriving.  

Gullveig believes that the warrior-healers are coming out of the broom closet as a result of a shift in global consciousness. No matter your walk of life, if you have been given the gift of being an empathic, intuitive, wounded-warrior healer, then knowing how to use your magic to manifest your soul's desires in the mundane world is part of what the world needs from you.