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Badassery Academy

Empowerment for the Weird, Magical, and Intuitive

Shieldmaidens of the Amber Moon: Registration Currently Closed

You are a Healer,

a Seer, a Sage.

A Wounded Warrior 

Who's Ready to come

out of the cage.

-Ever been told that you are too sensitive?

-Do you often feel like you don't completely "fit in," or feel that you are "different," even if you can't explain why?

-Do large groups feel overwhelming most of the time?

-Do you just sometimes "know" things and can't explain how you know?

-Does your mood easily change based on the mood of others around you?

... Guess What?... You're not alone.

There is a wave that has occurred over the last few decades of people who are coming forth and embracing their intuitive gifts.


Not just to manage their abilities but to fine tune them and harness them, much like a sail does to the wind, to bring them swiftly into the life they want and deserve.

Make no mistake; this is a road less traveled, and it is a road that is less understood.


For the empathic individual, the path to authenticity and fulfillment has unique challenges and unique gifts. Walking this path is the most Badass & important thing any empath can do.

Badassery Academy Pilot Program:

Sheildmaidens of the Amber Moon: 

An interactive online course for empathic empowerment

What's included in this course: 

The ascending and descending cycles of consciousness of our solar system, and how the growing tribe of empaths are part of our planet's ascension

What is an empath, how to know if you are one, the unique challenges that the highly sensitive (AKA empath) face, and the process of empowerment

Why the empath's chakras are unique from those with average sensitivity

What "magic" really is, how you've already worked with it, and how to clean out the broom closet to reveal more of the magic that you are

How to use the power of one of nature's most influential cycles, the lunar cycle, to align your energetic anatomy (chakras) and enhance your healing and empowerment

The path to healing and empowerment for the empath, and the world at large, that will unlock your "super power," and take you from surviving to thriving.

Work 1-1 with Gullveig in a 9 week pilot course, to embrace your empathic power and bring deeper potency and meaning to your magic... Cape not included... Because of the individualized nature of the course, only the first 20 who enroll will be admitted. Because this is a pilot program, feedback to Gullveig will be required in exchange for the drastic discount of this course. Once the full course is launched, all pilot program Shieldmaidens will be given full access to the full course as well, at no additional cost.

Click button below to find out how to register: