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Individualized Sessions and Support
Energy Work & Whole-Person Integration

Gullveig combines techniques from nearly 2 decades of experience and training in a variety of different energy healing modalities and trance work to assist clients in clearing unhelpful habits and life patterns, even if they are patterns that have been passed from one generation to the next.

Some of these kind of patterns include:

- Ramifications of generational patterns of neglect and abuse

- Unhelpful temperament (anger, anxiety, shame, guilt complex, etc.)

Perspective of being generally unlucky in life / difficulty manifesting desirable            outcomes in life.

Energy Exchange: 

Single Session $150 / 3 Sessions $405 (save $45) / 5 Sessions $675 (save $75)

*Ancestral Healing typically takes at least 5 sessions*

*Each session is 2 hours*

Office location: 2034 E Southern Ave, Suite K, Tempe AZ 85282

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Energetic Cleansing & Blessing for Business and Home

You may want to consider an energy cleansing & blessing if you have:

  • Just moved into a new space, and want to have a fresh start and manifest prosperity.

  • Created a new partnership such as a marriage or business merger

  • The arrival of a new baby

  • Experienced a co-worker or family member recently passing away

  • A general feeling of uneasiness in a place and/or noticing that one unfortunate occurrence after another keeps happening

Gullveig not only energetically clears a space using a variety of methods from across many ancient cultures, she also sets up a crystal grid that is left in place to raise and hold the vibration.

Energy Exchange:

Depends on location and size and/or acerage;

Please contact Gullveig for a quote: info@amberserpent.com 

Most Cleansing & Blessings for homes & businesses range from $500 - $1800

*Gullveig does not deal with sites of Native Americans that are either in good standing or that have been desecrated; these sites are to be handled by the ancestors of those tribes.*

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Mystic Yoga for Magical People
Individualized sessions for the empathic and energetically sensitive
Mystic Yoga for Magical People
Individualized sessions for the empathic and energetically sensitive

Want to use yoga to do more then just the human pretzel?

Have you heard that yoga is an ancient and mystical science, and you'd like to learn how to use it to unlock magic in your life?

Mystic Yoga is especially suited for empathic and energetically sensitive folks who want to learn how to be personally empowered to overcome specific challenges or the residual effects of trauma.

For these sessions, Gullveig and the client create a plan of empowerment, to assist them in reaching a desired outcome.

Clients will learn:

  • Which physical postures and practices are best suited to meet their needs.

  • How to use yoga to get specific and desired effects from their chakras and other parts of their energetic anatomy.

  • Philosophy and Mythology that pertains to their desired outcome may also be covered. 

Each step is explained and experienced, to allow for long-term integration of the skills and techniques.

Energy Exchange:

Please contact Gullveig for a Discovery Call: info@amberserpent.com 

Discovery calls are approx. 20 minutes long. Gullveig will provide you with a plan and a quote during the call. 

Office location: 2034 E Southern Ave, Suite K, Tempe AZ 85282

*Coming Soon: Virtual Sessions

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