What is Energy? Everyday Use of a Metaphysical Idea

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Prana, Chi, Life Force, Energy goes by many names and has even more characteristics. Simply put, energy is the vibration that holds the universe together and generates organized patterns that creates and sustains life.

The term “energy” is such a generalized term. It is used to describe everything from how you might feel today to the type of “vibe” a person gives in a social setting. Webster’s Dictionary defines energy as: “The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity.”

Most folks, whether they are aware of it or not, have an intuitive sense of what energy is. For example, when one feels strong and vital, they might say that they feel “lively,” or “have a lot of energy,” so it is understood that to be “full of life,” is synonymous with being full of positive, life-sustaining energy. The outcome of this, is to be able to sustain physical or mental activity.

For some, it may be hard to imagine that there is a subtle unseen force that animates all life. In our world today, however, it is more evident then ever that unseen forces affect us all the time, and we interact with them every day. Every person works with energy, it is not something that is reserved only for a few “gifted” individuals, and to understand what energy is, it can be helpful to refer to times in which we interact and direct it.

For example, when a person prays or meditates with focused intent for healing, they are using the power of the mind like a focused lense to direct their energy towards the channel necessary for healing. For many, this process is known as intention setting or the law of attraction.

A more secular example is how we interact with the internet; everyone who has used the internet has interacted with an energy that has no physical location and cannot be seen except through the interface of a computer, phone, or other device that can take the information and decode it into the images, video, and text that you see on your screen. The device focuses this energy in a specific way so that you and I and everyone else who uses the internet can interact with that energy. The code that is behind all of this is the energy for the application, websites, programs, etc. Most of us don’t entirely understand how it all works, and we don’t have to in order to interact with it. And just like the internet, we don’t need a complete understanding of energy; what we need to interact with energy is a way to direct energy.

Without direction, energy is rather chaotic, giving it a pattern or a system is what produces results… Having energy with an unfocused mind is like having your computer on, but no programs installed to be able to do anything with it; the computer has energy but is unable to direct it. It has been said by many wise teachers, from antiquity to modern day that Energy Follows Thought. For those interested in fine-tuning their ability to directly sense energy through extrasensory perception or to be able to direct it to manifest healing and prosperity, learning how to meditate is the doorway to being able to do all this and more.

In a meditative state, we can cut through the “static/interference” of the runaway thoughts and learn to focus our mind. With practice, we can create new programs that are more helpful and learn to let go of out dated ones that are not. Most people have meditated at one time or another, even if they were unaware that they were doing it. If you have ever been so focused on something you were doing that everything else fell outside of your awareness or you lost track of time, you were most likely in a meditative state.

So, to interact with energy, one only needs to pick their point of focus (i.e. prayer, meditation, geometry, etc.), and, ideally, their intention through that focal point. The intention and focus are what directs life-giving energy towards the intended outcome; in this way we can experience energy in a very personal way. Experiencing the life-force in this way gives an understanding of energy that surpasses any understanding that words can convey.

Being someone who works with energy is a natural human trait that is necessary for survival, entertainment, commerce, in fact, you ARE energy and every experience you have is an expression of energy. Being a person who masters the power of the mind and can direct their energy at will, takes time and practice, to say the least, and most of us could use some support now and again.

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