From Chaos to Calm: An Intuitive Approach to Conquering Fear

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

At the time that I am writing this, we are in the midst of a global pandemic from COVID-19 virus. The world is shifting, and even though many highly sensitive folks and astrologers agree that we are on the precipice of a well-overdue global change, the fact is that transition and transformation is messy, and no matter if the transition is personal or global, there’s always a phase of being “in-between.” 

I imagine this phase being very much like jumping from one rock to another over a flowing stream; you don’t want to “fall in,” so you calculate how far the jump is, get grounded and then, with faith, leap. In the airy space that exists before you land on the new rock, and right after your feet leave the foundation of the rock behind you, is the place “in-between,” you are neither here nor there, you are floating momentarily in space. In that moment is uncertainty. Did you have good footing before you leaped? Did you jump far enough? Did you calculate incorrectly and jump too far? Will you fall in and get your feet wet? … You... Just... Don’t... Know. The uncertainty of this phase can create anxiety, anticipation, and even dread and outright fear, as we have seen in recent events. 

My experience with this phase is, the bigger the leap, the stronger the emotions associated to being in this in-between space. Right now, as we collectively float in mid-air, not knowing exactly when or even where we will land, we are feeling both the collective grief of what is being left behind as well as the birthing pains all at the same time. It hurts, it’s scary, and most of us just want to see this phase pass as quick as possible. 

If we look outside of ourselves to the world at large, we will see many reasons to be afraid. For many, the reason to be afraid is not just a perceived threat from media, but a very real threat to safety and security, as many are finding that their livelihoods are changing or their health may be in question. We are literally being up-rooted and in this chaos, humanity has an opportunity to choose where we want to be transplanted. 

It is a mistake to believe that we can control all factors in our life. We do, however, have influence. We can provide an overall course. We set the sails and then let Spirit direct the rudder. To do this, we go inside, into that intuitive, quiet center of our being. The place that whispers truth to us, while the conscious mind is busy shouting. When we do this, we can be in the eye of the hurricane of chaos, where the ocean of emotion is calm. We are informed by the chaos swirling around us, but are not inundated.

This intuitive center is sometimes called the witness consciousness. This is the part of you that watches your thoughts, your whole life, in fact; it is often referred to as the observer, some consider this to be your soul. One of the laws of the Universe is that an object cannot witness itself. Because of this law, we can conclude that because we CAN witness our thoughts, that we must NOT be our thoughts. Just as you cannot see yourself without a mirror, so too the observer within cannot witness itself.  We are in fact, that which witnesses our thoughts. Even if we cannot see the observer within directly, we can still experience it, just like you can experience/feel your face, even though you cannot see it directly without a mirror.  

In the video below, I will take you through the very simple process of dropping into this intuitive place of the witness consciousness.

For more techniques of how to use this intuitive state for personal empowerment, healing, protection, and to manifest the life that you want and deserve, stay tuned for my upcoming online course:  From Chaos to Calm: Energetic Protection and Trusting Your Intuition, open for enrollment on April 20th, class starts April 27th, 2020.  

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