Super Full Moon in Libra: Diving For Light

Updated: May 19, 2020

This is an astrological alignment that doesn’t just affect us this month, this is one that astrologers will be referencing back to for many years to come. This is not just the ending of a lunar cycle, but an end of an era. 

The heavyweight of this alignment is Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, and the ruler of the Underworld. In order to know how big of an impact it is playing, we have to look back to January 12, 2020, when Saturn and Pluto had a conjunction. Saturn is the planet of karma, limitation, discipline, time, and structure. It is a no-nonsense type of energy that asks us to grow up and take responsibility. Pluto is the great transformer, equalizer, and bulldozer of the planets. Its influence is long-lasting. Nothing that is superficial is left after Pluto is done with it. With Saturn being the ruler of time, karma, and structure (including governments and social systems) and Pluto being the great transformer, 2020 was already promising to be a year of purification through fire. 

Since then, Saturn has transited into the sign of Aquarius, where it is content to apply its full force of limitation. Quarantine and social distancing can be seen as a prime example of Saturn expressing its power of restriction, and being the keeper of time, has reminded humanity of our mortality, and echoed Pluto’s influence, teaching us that our mortality is the great equalizer and because of this, we can no longer afford to act as though we are immortal and separate from the laws of nature and continue to glorify the myth of the “self-made person;” we are in fact, tribal creatures, and we need each other, whether we are comfortable with this fact or not.   

As if this was not enough of a push for transformation, Pluto and Jupiter conjunct on April 4, 2020. A Pluto/Jupiter conjunction historically has been aligned with pandemics of the past. For example, the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic was during a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Cancer, and in 1981, the HIV epidemic was aligned with these two planets meeting. When these two join forces, Jupiter’s influence to expand anything it touches, magnifies Pluto’s transformational influence to bring things hidden to the surface. Often, what we keep hidden, both personally as well as on a larger scale, such as, political and corporate corruption, are not pleasant to deal with when we are faced with their reality. In this way, Pluto, can bring poison to the surface. Like a deep and rapid detox, the process may hurt, but if the poison had been left hidden, may have caused a complete systemic breakdown.  

This full moon is squared with the Pluto and Jupiter conjunction. Libra, typically charming, social, and demure, will likely take on an edgy-ness as she brings out her scales to try and balance the chaos that has been siphoned up from the depths of the Underworld. Libra rules relationships and also justice. She may be tempted to play judge and jury in this full moon, especially with all of the restriction and isolation that this social butterfly is not comfortable with. 

However, her capacity for objectivity and relationship can be used as powerful allies in all this deep Plutonian energy. It is not an accident that the new moon that preceded this full moon was in Aries, which in many respects is the opposite of Libra; Aries is focused on the self and Libra is focused on relationships. Aries planted the seeds of self-focused analysis of who we are and what we need versus what we want during the new moon; it made us acknowledge and face our fears. Since then, many of us have been socially isolated and quarantined, where we have been forced to spend a lot more time alone and perhaps facing our own personal shadows as Pluto invites us to plunge into our own depths. This is called shadow-work. Our shadows are the parts of ourselves that are hidden. Most of the times our shadows are our unresolved wounds and traumas, that when integrated become part of our wisdom and light. Now, Libra is asking us to take stock and figure out how to relate to these aspects of ourselves, and in doing so, bring about more wholeness and harmony.

When we can love the parts of ourselves that may seem unlovable then we expand our capacity for unconditional self-love. As unconditional self-love expands, so too does our ability to unconditionally love others. We are one. In essence, all hatred and judgement is hatred and judgement of self, and all love and compassion is love and compassion for self. There is no separation. With the energies of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in play, the connection between the past Aries new moon in March, and this full moon teaches us how to dive down into our own darkness to find more of our light. The journey is not easy or without peril, when we make the conscious decision to go into the Underworld of our own subconscious, the challenges along the way create more compassion for others as we witness their journey, in all its messy glory. 

All in all, this full moon is not an easy one, but is a powerful catalyst for change and transformation. It may be some time before individually and collectively we put all the pieces back together, and the new beginning of a new era takes shape in a definite way. Being that this is a super full moon, meaning it is the closest to the Earth that she will get, and her light and influence are felt even more, may our way to harmony be brightly lit as we collectively dive deep into the dark depths to retrieve buried treasure of wisdom, courage, and compassion. 

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