The Medicine in the Moon

Why Are So Many Attracted to the Moon?

Luna is more the just a pretty face lighting the night sky. She has a significant effect on life on Earth. Since the dawn of humankind we have revered her; our ancestors aligned with her for survival and even today we can see spiritual seekers, the highly sensitive, and magically curious aligning their practices and daily lives with her...

Crazy day? We might check to see if it is a full moon...

Need to clean your crystals? Lunar lovers may put them under her evening luminescence.

Those who are more muggle-minded or have a "too cool for school" attitude may scoff at such practices... That's OK, my friend; in this article I'm going to share with you why it's not "just your imagination" that things are different around certain cycles of the moon, and those of us sensitive enough to her pull are feeling a very real subtle force that is explained by the Eastern Medicine of Ayurveda.

Most highly sensitive folks find that being in nature is soothing and healing. This isn’t just the imagination or simply the effects of quiet and beauty in nature. When we are in nature, we may not be aware of it, but we are connecting with our essence that knows that all things are connected and operate in cycles. We may feel like we are more in the flow, allowed to identify, express, and transmute that which no longer serves us; this transmutation allows us to use this as fertilizer for new growth and evolution.

Connecting to the lunar phases is to also connect to the rhythms of our own energetic cycles, manifesting through the feminine energy current, known as the Ida, and releasing through the masculine current, known as the Pingala.

How the moon affects your energetic anatomy:

Just as the moon’s gravitational pull affects the tides, so too does she affect our energy and mental harmony. We can understand why this is by looking at the Ayurveda study of the nadis.

What is a Nadi?:

A nadi, much like the Chinese meridians, is a channel of energy that is responsible for the accumulation and transportation of vital life-giving energy (AKA prana or chi).

There are 1,000's of nadis, however, 3 main nadis in the body, are the most important; without them, it is said, we would not be able to function. These 3 main currents of energy run up and down the spinal column.

They are:

Ida: Associated with the left side of the body and the right side of the brain, is associated with feminine energy, holistic “big picture” thinking, and creativity.

The Ida current is the receptive current and is associated with manifestation.

Pingala: Associated with the right side of the body and the left side of the brain; is associated with masculine energy, logical and analytical thinking.

The Pingala current is the letting go or giving current and is associated with liberation.

Sushumna: Is located in the middle of the spine and is neutral in energy. Can be thought of as a clear tube for the Ida and Pingala to run through.

These currents shift in dominance throughout the lunar cycle (as well as throughout the day); they are part of the subtle energy that regulates our circadian rhythms:

Ida is stronger during the manifestation cycle of the lunar phase, when the moon is growing in light from new moon to full… This is why tapping into this can help support what we want to manifest.

Pingala is stronger during the liberation cycle of the lunar phase, when the moon is losing light from full to new moon… Working with letting go of what no longer serves us in this phase utilizes the strong liberation current of the Pingala to help support our freedom.

You don't need permission from anyone or even validation from a medical practice that is thousands of years old to dance under momma-moon. However, understanding this connection between the ebb and flow of ourselves and the moon, can help us understand the magic that is inspiring us to dance in the first place.

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