The Rise of the Empathic Spiritual Warrior

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

An empath is someone who has the psychic ability of clairsentience. This is a psychic/intuitive ability to feel other people’s emotions and/or physical sensations as though they are your own. This is a phenomenon that has gotten more coverage in the last few years, with more and more folks realizing that the sensations that they feel are not just because they are “too sensitive,” but are symptomatic of a unique gift.  

Over the last few decades, there has been a surge of more and more highly sensitive folks coming out of the broom closet. Whether this is due to some cosmic shift, or this awareness is due to the fact that folks aren’t excommunicated (or worse) for speaking of such things, is uncertain; what is certain, however, is that the empath or highly sensitive person (known as HSPs) are not alone. What is ironic, however, is that most intuitive folks feel very much alone and alienated.  

Feeling alone isn’t the only challenge that many empaths face. Co-dependency, weak communicative boundaries, and difficulty determining if what they are feeling is theirs or someone else's (energetic entanglement/enmeshment) are all common challenges that highly sensitive folks face... As an empath writing to any of the empaths out there that are reading this, I can say that from my personal experience it can feel very dis-empowering to be an empath; At first glance, being highly sensitive hardly seems like a warrior skill set. Yet, as we take a deeper look, we will see that despite these challenges, it is the natural abilities associated with being highly sensitive that are crucial at this time for humanity's survival and evolution.  

The current spiritual battlefield has been laid by nearly 7,000 years of descending into separation consciousness, known as the Kali Yuga, where violence, and catastrophes of all kinds have erased nearly every record of what happened before this current earth age. As a result, humanity suffers amnesia. We have forgotten who and what we are. We are meant to be co-creators with the Universe, not micro-managers. We are meant to keep harmony with one another through a lens of compassion, not manipulation and control. This condition has created the great imbalances that have characterized our human history and has caused us to be completely absorbed by survival and power. 

Well, that era IS ending. Times, they are a-changin'. We are currently in a 300-year transition period of finally ascending out of separation, back towards unification consciousness of peace, health, and harmony. What we need, what we value, and our definitions of things such as courage, strength, and what it means to be powerful, are also destined to change with us. 

A warrior, historically speaking, is a person who stands in resistance to forces that might otherwise harm or kill the community. The desirable traits of the warrior depend on what characteristics are most effective at defeating their foes. 

Nowadays, the forces that are most likely to harm or kill the community of humanity are already on the inside as a siege of complacency. Against such an enemy, our warriors are those that can feel.  

This siege of complacency is backed up by the covert ninja forces of distraction and our collective disowned shadows. Against such forces, our warriors are those that reflect our energy back, so we might see ourselves and choose integration.   

Empaths are master feelers and reflectors. All the shadows that are plaguing our humanity need to be seen. In fact, all unintegrated energy needs validation to be unified. Once a shadow is seen, it is now brought to consciousness. It may still be there, but now, it no longer has a ninja-like influence on your life.  

Energetically, empaths and HSP’s create resonance that reflects another person’s energy. When another person needs to integrate/release something, they often feel safe doing so to someone who naturally reflects them. This is why empaths are known as being great listeners, and may even have complete strangers suddenly sharing personal details with them; intuitively, the stranger can sense the reflective quality of an empath's energy/vibe. 

We, as a collective are traumatized by the feeling of being alone in the Universe; the gods of old who once walked side by side with us have packed up and gone back home to their space station. We must control to feed the illusion that “we got this.”  

It has become more and more clear, however, that we, in fact, DO NOT got this, and that our priorities are in need of a change. There is so much healing that needs to take place. The land, our ancestry, our relationship to each other, our relationship to ourselves; we are in need of a collective triage unit. 

The millions of empaths in the world now are the spiritual medics we have been waiting for; in a world that is addicted to being numb, the medicine is feeling. As the saying goes, "“If you can feel it, you can heal it.” And this is why the warrior that the world needs now is not clad in armor or high-powered weapons. They are those who are courageous enough to stand up to a world that glorifies distraction and instead choose to feel it all. Instead of disassociation, they choose integration.  

Empaths are often given lives that are challenging. I believe this is to pave the way, and to lead by example. As the empath heals and integrates, learns how to create energetic sovereignty and to hone their abilities into gifts, they walk through a personal fire that enables them to forge tools that help others who will walk a similar path. This process is the warrior initiation.  

To wake up from this collective amnesia, we must first remember how to feel, to peacefully coexists, we must learn how to be neutral reflections for others. Who else, better suited to help us midwife this transition then those who already feel and reflect it all? 

For the empath to embrace the magical warrior, it is essential that they learn how to protect and direct their own energy and learn the language of their own intuition. Just like any other warrior, the empathic spiritual warrior is born with natural ability, and then learns skills that refines these abilities.

What is truly magical about the empath is that all that is necessary is for them to be this spiritual warrior is to simply lead by example. Because they are natural reflectors, as the empath does their work to heal and integrate, they naturally reflect this medicine into the world. 

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